Is Neck Pain Negatively Impacting Everyday Life?

June 7th, 2021
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If you think that the crick in your neck is no big deal, that is untrue.

More than one-third of America’s population today has admitted to suffering from all sorts of neck pain. Neck pain will limit day-to-day duties and it could drastically alter everyday life.

Leaving neck pain untreated can cause conditions to worsen, and surgical treatment might be necessary. Don’t put it off, come see us at Focus Physical Therapy today to start your journey to being the best version of yourself to date!

Everyone’s neck pain is different, so allow us at Focus PT to properly examine your condition and plot out a regimen to help relieve your neck pain effectively. Pain levels are always different among individuals, and can range from mild to severe, dull or constant aching, sharp or stabbing pain.

Other symptoms stemmed from neck pain include: muscle stiffness/tightness, headache, arm weakness, tingling sensations, and even a lack of sleep due to the discomfort.

Some causes of neck pain can include certain illnesses, such as arthritis, injury from exercise or vigorous sports, whiplash, or muscle strains. The safest and most effective way to treat neck pain caused by any of the ailments listed, is physical therapy.

At Focus Physical Therapy, we use manual therapy on the neck to stretch out the muscles and work out those knots that should soothe the pain and improve your neck’s range of motion. Our therapists at Focus may also add stretching and other techniques to improve overall motion in the neck and get you feeling good again.

Additional treatments in alleviating neck pain include the Neubie, which sends electric currents to the pain directly, heat/ice, and traction. Whichever treatment works the best for you, is all that matters! It’s Time To Start Feeling Yourself again!

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