Patient Testimonials

  • The physical therapy at Focus for my shoulder was excellent. Initially I was apprehensive at the thought of someone trying to get me to do exercises that might aggravate my injury and cause me more pain. But Adam Laraway understood my limitations and the best way to get my shoulder moving again. I was very pleased with the care I received and my progress. It got me back to work and without surgery in my case.

    Doran B.

  • I have gone to see Adam for treatment many times on my calf and hip flexor.  He has done a great job of helping me recover from my injuries as a top-level athlete. Adam is the first person I call when I feel pain during my athletic training because I know that I can count on him to identify exactly what the problem is and start recovering as soon as possible.  He is a great guy and amazing to work with. I could not perform as well as I do both as a kicker and soccer player without his help.

    Jarrett R.

  • Adam has been my physical therapist for many, many years.  He has successfully rehabilitated me for various physical problems that are due to neurological, muscular and skeletal issues.  Adam is not only an extremely skilled and knowledgeable physical therapist, but he is also compassionate, kind and gentle.  He truly cares about the well-being of his patients. Try him! You won’t be disappointed!!!

    Sherry R.

  • I have been suffering from pain in my left shoulder blade and neck for about 3 years. I’ve recently been treated by Adam with a new machine (Neubie) that’s been able to locate the main source of the pain! After 3 sessions, I’m able to extend my left arm farther than I’d been able to for years.

    Wendy R.

  • FOCUS on Physical Therapist Adam Laraway. Why do you ask?! Adam Laraway is top-notch. He is ahead of his game. Adam is not only passionate about his profession, but strives to provide the very best treatment to his patients. With his ongoing education, he is able to provide individualized, up-to-date, solid treatment plans. The ultimate professional, Adam is caring, compassionate and dedicated to treating each patient back to health.

    Additionally and equally important to me, Adam listens! He actually listens to the needs, and fears and concerns of his patients. Sometimes “Listening” to the patient gets lost/disregarded. Not with Adam!! He takes his time and truly listens.

    I am a patient of this top-notch physical therapist. I am forever grateful for the improved quality of life for which he has provided.

    Highly recommended.

    Loyal FOCUS patient,

    Sherry P.

  • In September of 2018, I was diagnosed with bilateral labral tears in my hips. I went to Adam Laraway for treatment and had no idea how much of a treat I was in for. Adam performed the most comprehensive evaluation of my condition that I have ever received from a therapist. He was thorough and precise in all the testing and checks he performed. After the evaluation, he formulated a plan for pre-strengthening and began my treatment.

    The pre-strengthening program was excellent. I gained incredible strength and stability in my hamstrings, quadriceps, and legs in general. This improved my mobility and strength in general while providing me with confidence to go about my daily business until my surgery.

    My left hip was operated on November of 2018. Two weeks post-op I was back with Adam working my routine to rehab my hip. Within a matter of weeks my left hip was feeling much better and gaining strength, mobility, and flexibility. At the twelve week mark my hip was almost like new. In February on 2019 I had a second operation to fix my right hip.

    After surgery Adam began working on me again. I am currently in treatment to rehab my right hip and continuing to rehab on my left hip. With each visit I am gaining more mobility and use of my hips. I have full confidence he will help me achieve my goals of rehabbing my hips and eventually returning to high caliber athletics. I highly recommend Adam Laraway. He is knowledgeable, professional, and never misses a beat.

    James H.

  • I had one treatment with Adam for a really bad turned ankle, one treatment and I have just come back from a 5k run! I cannot recommend Focus Physical Therapy enough. I am pain-free and definitely feeling stronger!

    Glen F.